Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is threading?

Threading is a hair removal process that involves a piece of thread that is twisted and pulled along areas of unwanted hair acting like a mini-lasso, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals. Unlike wax, threading is able to pinpoint and target the tiniest of hairs, so you can say goodbye to unwanted peach fuzz or hard to reach fine spots around the eyes. The ability to tug on those micro hairs makes it even more thorough than plucking with regular tweezers.

What parts of your body can you get threaded?

We like to abide by the rule, “threading neck up, waxing neck down.” Threading can be done on any part of your face. 

What makes threading more effective than waxing?

Threading lifts the follicle as it pulls out hair, which also weakens it. That’s why it takes longer for the hair to grow back than it does for waxing. Additionally, 4 out of 5 people are sensitive to wax and the use of medicated products for blemishes make you more prone to wax related breakouts. Threading is gentler on the skin, as it does not use harmful products. Important to note: another benefit of threading over waxing is that it won’t remove layers of skin like waxing will. This will help in preventing premature lines or wrinkles.

Is threading painful?

Threading is celebrated as a gentler alternative to both waxing and plucking eyebrows. While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, most clients who undergo this process consider the sensation to feel like a little pinch. Different parts of the body have different sensitivity, so areas with more delicate skin—the sides of the face, or above the lip—might feel more painful. Some redness afterward is common, but this goes away in a matter of hours and discomfort does decrease as your sessions continue. 

How long will it take to get my Eyebrow Threading?

The complete eyebrow process shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes, but can differ for other parts of the body.

How often should I get my threading done?

The results of eyebrow threading vary depending on the client and the speed at which their hair grows back. That being said, most individuals who embrace this routine visit a skin care studio every two to three weeks for touchups. When you begin the process, visits twice a month are recommended by estheticians so you can properly train your brow to grow into your desired shape. 

How should I prepare for the procedure?

Be hairy! Don’t worry about stubble as specialists can target those tiny hairs. Also, if you’re looking for an eyebrow makeover, resist the urge to tweeze, so your specialist can have a full canvas to work with. Bring pictures-just as you would bring a picture of a haircut you like- you can bring an image of perfect brows to inspire your specialist.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Persons with sensitive skin are perfect candidates for threading! Also, diabetics, cancer patients, Retin-A users, those taking medications that cause skin sensitivity or irritation. Threading is the gentle and effective alternative to waxing.

What kind of aftercare do you recommend after eyebrow threading?

Generally slathering on aloe vera gel minimizes redness and also soothes your skin. At Beauty and the Brow, we also offer a gentle massage with a jade roller to minimize redness and soothe skin.

I have thin hair. How do I grow my eyebrows naturally?

We offer our BB Brow Enhancing Serum that promotes fuller, bolder looking brows.

I get bumps after threading/waxing, what should I do?

Removing hair from the root can sometimes cause inflammation of the follicle (folliculitis). It’s your body’s natural way of protecting itself. If this is something that happens for you please let your threader or esthetician know and we can apply something during the service.

Do you take walk in clients?

YES! It’s what we are known for. We offer both the convenience of just walking in and getting

a service done or you can call to make an appointment if you are on a tight schedule. For spa 

and hair services we do recommend appointments as they are booked with specifically 

trained staff based on time slots but if one is available when you walk in its all yours. For 

threading you have the option of just walking in or calling ahead to make an appointment.

I wasn’t satisfied with my service, what should I do?

We are sorry we didn’t provide the service level you should expect. We have one of the most 

amazing track records when it comes to service and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But 

on those rare occasions something didn’t quite go right we want to hear about it. WE 

GUARANTEE all our services and encourage you to let our front desk staff or manager know 

of what didn’t go right for you. Every one of our staff is trained to make sure customer 

service is taken seriously. We will always make things right as we strongly believe you should 

always enjoy coming to Beauty and the Brow and we appreciate every client that walks 

through our doors.  Feel free to email us at with any 

concerns, we promise a manager will get back with you!

I usually go to a specific threader, how can I make sure to get her every time?

We understand that people may have their favorites for a variety of reasons and we will 

always do our best to accommodate your requests. However threaders’  schedules can vary 

and we cannot guarantee they will be here on the day you come in. It’s always best to call 

ahead and verify your particular threader is working that day and what time she is scheduled 

for lunch. Some tips to help are come when we open or earlier in the day and come midweek 

vs. Friday or Saturdays.